150 humanitarian food packages from the Vadym Novinskyi Foundation will be distributed to internally displaced persons in the Holy Dormition Church in the Darnitsa district of the capital

12 September 2022

The humanitarian situation in Kyiv, like in many other cities of our country, remains tense. Over the past six months, thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and move away from the front line - from a constant threat to the life and health of their families in calmer regions.

Many are leaving even today - urgently, with a minimum of what is necessary. Most are experiencing financial difficulties due to loss of work, the need to rent housing.

Systematic assistance to citizens of Ukraine affected by hostilities is provided by government agencies, numerous charitable and volunteer organizations.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church traditionally takes a significant part in solving social problems of society. Its parishes are located in almost every locality, which allows you to keep abreast and provide assistance exactly where you need it, exactly to those who need it.

The Vadim Novynsky Charitable Foundation provides comprehensive support to the Church in the matter of social service.

In response to an appeal from the parish of the Holy Dormition Church in the Darnytsya district, the Foundation handed over 150 food packages for distribution to internally displaced persons.

Help is provided by the clergy and volunteers of the temple daily as requests are received.


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