The Vadym Novynskyi Charitable Foundation handed over the 13th ambulance to the defenders of Mykolaiv

3 November 2022

The "Renault Traffic" ambulance will go to the service of the autorota of the A7052 military unit, where it will be involved in the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the front line.

"We hope that the number 13 will be a happy one for the defenders of the city, because we are handing over not just a car, but with it - our respect and huge gratitude to the people who will save the lives of our soldiers and thereby lead us to victory," said Tetyana Kyrychenko,  the Deputy Director for International Relations of the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation.

We will remind that the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation has already delivered 101 ambulances to Ukraine.
Dozens of special purpose vehicles are already participating in saving lives in hospitals in the front-line regions and throughout Ukraine.


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