The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation handed over electricity generators to Kyiv medical institutions

30 November 2022

We are all going through difficult times right now. Emergency power outages continue throughout the country, including in the capital.

In order to adapt to life in conditions of total energy savings, we all need to unite and help each other.

Last week, the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation purchased the first batch of 65 power generators to ensure the life of the most important institutions for citizens throughout the country.

Two of them are already working in the Kiev City Consultative and Diagnostic Center and the Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, where one of the “points of invincibility” has been equipped.

“We are very grateful that you provided us with a generator! This will help us keep the MRI machine, which costs 40 million hryvnias,” said Tatyana Semyonovna Savchenko, director of the Kyiv City Consultative and Diagnostic Center.

We will continue to help our compatriots survive the darkness and cold, and we will donate generators to where they are most needed.

So, on November 28, three generators from the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation were delivered to Kherson, where they are already supplying light and heat to local residents.

Recall, that the total amount allocated by Vadym Novynskyi for humanitarian projects after February 24 is almost a billion hryvnias.


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