A large consignment of medical goods arrived in Ukraine from Turkey

16 February 2023

This week, an extremely important cargo was delivered to the warehouse of the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation - medical goods, which our specialists carefully selected and ordered in Turkey.

"As part of the humanitarian cargo, we received dressing medical materials, elastic bandages, bandage trauma bandages, saline solution in convenient elastic containers, syringes for droppers with a system for connecting saline solution, a large volume of modern disinfectant - betadine - for treating wounds before surgical intervention, very high-quality tourniquets to stop bleeding and light gauze dressing materials from an elastic bandage," says Ivan Rozhko, an employee of the medical corps of the Foundation.

All of these products are medically certified, but will still undergo professional testing. Already after that, they will be sent to the front to our defenders according to letters from military units with orders.



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