The drivers of the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation handed over another ambulance to the defenders of Bakhmut

18 January 2023

Today, Bakhmut is one of the hottest spots in Donbas. The fiercest battles continue there every day. This is a zone of grave humanitarian disaster.

"The Vadym Novinskyi Foundation constantly keeps its finger on the pulse. We are very happy to help exactly where our participation is most needed. So today, in response to the appeal of the leadership of the A7224 military unit, we are handing over another special vehicle to our defenders," said Foundation employee Vitaly Nemytov.

"We are very happy that this car will serve the noble cause of saving human lives and health," he added.

Vitaly and his son Dmytro work as drivers in the charitable program of the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation "Helping Ukraine with Ambulances". Together with their colleagues, they receive cars at the border, drive them to Kyiv, carry out a technical inspection of cars, and sometimes deliver them to high-risk areas. In the process of work, they have established good relations with volunteers and military personnel who carry out hard service "at zero". So, for the second time, it was the drivers of the Foundation who initiated the transfer of the next ambulance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Today we are handing over a Ford Transit car - serviced, technically sound. We hope that ше will serve well and save more than one life," noted Dmytro Nemitov.

"This is not the first car from you. We hope that it will not be the last,” replied Vitaly Staritsyn, a soldier of the A7224 military unit of the AFU. "After a thousand kilometers and one day, it will already be "at zero" and will work for our victory."

We would like to remind you that since February 24, 2022, the Vadym Novynskiy Foundation has already brought more than 120 ambulances to Ukraine.

This humanitarian project is ongoing. We are open to requests from state administrative and medical institutions and the military for further cooperation.


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